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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

Betty Dupont

I am a wife, mother of 3 sons, grandmother of 3 and full-time employed. I greatly enjoy family time, cooking, boating, reading, research, exploring and living in the beautiful state of Vermont.

My paranormal journey began as a young woman living in Exeter, NH where the apartment I rented in an old Victorian home turned out to be occupied by more than just myself. The strange events that occurred at this time in my life spurred a lifelong curiosity of the unknown and a quest for the truth. I approach each case in a practical manner but am also compassionate to those who are dealing with circumstances beyond their control and need help.

The PI-NE team who I have been fortunate to be a part of is more than a just a group of people looking for answers; it has become a second family. To be part of a team that I am proud to be with has made and continues to make my personal journey more rewarding as we continue to work towards a common goal which is ultimately to help our clients in every way possible by scientifically documenting abnormalities.

Karen Keene

Assistant Director/Case Manager

[email protected]

I live in Stowe, VT, married, and have two very active boys. I love to travel, garden, snowboard, run with my dog and hang out with my family. Since I was young I have always been fascinated by ghost stories and anything paranormal. That curiosity has never gone away. I was a property tax assessor for over 17 years and love old homes and the stories that go along with them. I was always drawn to any story a home owner wanted to share about unusual experiences in their home. In recent years I have volunteered with the Make A Wish Foundation as a wish grantor and have volunteered for the local home health and hospice agency. In 2006 my youngest son had an unexplained experience in a small rural cemetery involving another child only he could see. That re-ignited my curiosity. After that I knew I wanted to be a paranormal investigator. I am proud to be part of such a professional team. I love to help others and use my knowledge to help find answers to your paranormal experiences.

Our Team

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Heidi Bartlett


[email protected]

I have lived in the green mountain state for most of my life and enjoy the mountainous views, fishing and hiking. Other hobbies I enjoy are junk journaling and tennis. For the past three years I have worked as a PTF clerk in the United States Postal Service. Growing up I was a typical child living in an old house where I encountered many unexplainable occurrences that made me question reality. As I grew older, the paranormal activity increased and I became more curious about the reasons why it occurred.

PI-NE has taught me so much in not only the value of scientific investigating but in showing a great respect for the spirit world. I am fortunate to be a member and hope to share my experience and knowledge with you.

Lindsay Stevens 


[email protected]

I am a very proud mother of 3 wonderful children, born and raised in thebeautiful hills of Vermont. I feel fortunate to be able to wake up to the beauty of the green mountains daily. I enjoy fishing, camping and anything outdoors in my spare time. I have always loved a good mystery, or ghost story. Growing up in Vermont as a child, we would adventure out searching for big foot or Champ. My interest in cryptozoology peeked when I witnessed a sighting of Champ as a child.

The paranormal has always been a passion of mine, and discovering of the unknown is amazing in my eyes. I love investigating the paranormal and making contact with the other side. There is so much that is unknown to us and my goal is to give clients the help and understanding they are seeking. Knowledge is everything and I enjoy learning new things pertaining to the paranormal field. 

Kimberly Garrett


I am a wife and mother of an amazing 16 year old son, as well as mother to 2 fur babies, my 13 year old yellow lab Emma, and 2 year old pitbull, Frankie. My family and I reside in Essex Junction where I have lived my whole life. We own an

appliance repair company, and I own a cupcake and shortbread business.

I have always had a fascination in the paranormal, and read every true ghost story book I can get my hands on. Past experiences with the paranormal peaked my interest enough to make me want to explore and investigate these events and learn everything I could.

I'm an avid football fan, (Go Eagles!) and love spending time with my family and friends. I'm a huge dog lover and founded a dog rescue about 10 years ago, where we rescued over 800 dogs from Amish puppy mills in Ohio. I am still active in volunteering with local rescues. I also worked in psychiatry for 13 years at the hospital in Burlington, and at IBM in marketing and finance before that. I was also a competitive figure skater for 18 years.

I am so proud to be part of this team, and to have the ability to help people find the answers they seek.

Mike Czarny


I am a single dad looking to make the right connection… with the other side. I’ve been fascinated with the paranormal for a number of years and have wanted to get involved with a group of dedicated people just like PINE. After 23 rejections, I’m happy to say they let me in. I am a resident of Williston and love Vermont. Aside from my interest in the paranormal, I love camping and photography. I also love my job, co-host of Mike and Mary in the Morning on Star 92.9.

Our Team

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Kathy Eastman


I live in Sutton, VT, married with 8 step kids and have many grandchildren. I have lived most of my life in Vermont and love the views this state offers.

My paranormal experiences started when I was a small child growing up in an old colonial home. The home was being constantly renovated and never fell short of giving us new haunting experiences. The neighbor’s house where my friends grew up also experienced paranormal activity as well. Since that time in my life I have had a lifetime of experiences.

I enjoy riding my motorcycle. I love my dogs, photography, making jams, watercolor painting and get-togethers with friends. I learn everything I can about the paranormal. I like to read paranormal books and watch the TV shows.

I am excited to be a member of PI-NE and hope to help people in need by seeking answers to paranormal questions and problems. 

Kevin Cheney


[email protected]

I live in Hinesburg Vermont and am a husband and a father of two. I love to travel and visit places I’ve never been along with going to see my favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. One of my favorite places to hang out is with my family at my camp on the shores of Lake Champlain and swim, kayak, and canoe.

My curiosity of the supernatural and unexplained started at a young age. I grew up in a large home in rural Virginia that was very active. Each of us in the family had experiences that we still talk about to this day. Growing up in Virginia also made me become a Civil War history buff since I had access to so many battlefields.

I am honored to be a part of PI-NE and work with such a fine team of investigators to help solve peoples paranormal experiences and questions.

Jeff Stewart


Father of 3 boys and 1 girl. I enjoy reading a good paranormal book and literature. I also enjoy watching MMA and pro wrestling.

I started as a Paranormal Investigator in 2001 with a group from Worcester, MA. I have investigated all types of paranormal phenomenon from cryptozoology, ghost, hauntings and UFOs. I founded Paranormal Investigators of New England (PI-NE) in 2004. I have trained many investigators in the field who have started their own groups in New England and continue to help anyone in need.